Stabilizing a Block Foundation

A strong foundation makes for a strong home but block foundations can shift, crack and bulge which can cause structural failure. Block foundations are very durable if designed correctly. Unfortunately many block foundations have been installed incorrectly which can lead to bulging, cracking and shifting and lead to the structural failure of the foundation system. Care should be taken to prevent this from occurring on your building or home.before1.jpg

A foundation like this will require steel and concrete piers inside the block cores.



This foundation was having severe deterioration problems. It was occurring on the foundation corner where it appears that most of the rain water was running down the foundation wall.

In addition the foundation had settled a little, due to ‘drought’ conditions that have persisted in this area and was beginning to bow a little. The bowing was the result of the outward thrusting of the fill material against the foundation wall.


By placing steel in the cores of the block this foundation was made structurally sound. topsteel.jpg

We recommended that the foundation have several steel and concrete piers installed within the cores of the block. By placing steel within the block corse the foundation was able to handle the lateral, outward thrusting loads placed on it from the foundation from the fill material.

The cores of the wall had to be opened.

opencoresteel3.jpgSeveral cores were opened to allow steel placement within the cores. The slab above was drilled in order to allow the steel to be pushed up into the slab. This gave additional strength to the concrete piers within the block cores.


And then filled.

A cement grout was mixed and puddled into the cores of the open block making sure that the grout surrounded the steel entirely. It is the combination of steel and concrete that gave the allcoresfull1.jpgwall the additional strength it needed to withstand the lateral pressures being applied to it.

An application of stucco was then applied.

As the finishing touches an application of stucco was applied to the exterior surface of the entire foundation wall.

It was sponged and finished to give an attractive appearance never revealing that a complicated and thorough foundation re-inforcement and stabalization partialstucco1.jpgsystem had been installed.

No one would ever know that this repair had been done. A very successful job!