Fill and Stain Technique

Many customers call with questions about the cost of having their chimney,  brick or stone walls rebuilt.   If you want a permanent solution to your problem then rebuilding will always outperform any other type of repair… hands down!

Of course it cost more too! However, you can make use of a technique  called the ‘Fill & Stain’ technique and get an acceptable and more affordable solution to your damaged masonry problems.

After 'Fill and Stain' technique

After 'Fill and Stain' technique

Filling and Staining’ is the process of filling in damaged bricks, block or stone where deterioration has removed the facing of the material.

Before Fill and Stain Technique

Before Fill and Stain Technique

A proprietary cement based compound is used which has significant bonding capabilities within its’ matrix to secure the fill material to the existing materials substrate.

The fill material is placed into the damaged masonry area and brought out to the surface of the existing wall. It is then sculpted to match the texture of the existing material. Once the texture is complete then several coats of stain are applied to the surface of the fill material to blend the new materials color to the color of the existing brick, block or stone.

Though it does require a bit of an artist touch to perform this work effectively it is certainly an alternative to the higher cost of reconstruction of a chimney, wall or a decorative masonry piece.

The ‘Fill & Stain’ technique is  generally about 1/2 of the cost of rebuilding a chimney or wall but prices will  vary depending on the degree of damage to the existing masonry and the amount of work need to fill and blend in the material making the repair look seamless and natural.

Sometimes it is less expensive to rebuild!

If you have problems with flaking on your brick or stone walls contact Handy Home Pro. We’ll be happy to discuss the benefits of using the ‘Fill & Stain’ technique and explain the cost of this application.

by Michael Olding