Masonry Stain & Blending

Since 1976 bricks have been manufactured differently than previous times. Masonry repairs on houses older than 1976 are likely to be met with an inability to find matching bricks. In addition, during the ’80’s and ’90’s and  into the 2000’s peoples taste were constantly  changing and that change reflected in the brick manufacturing processes where the pink brick colors of the ’80’s gave way to the gray colors of the ’90’s and so on.

The point being is this; you may need to perform a masonry stain a new brick to match the existing bricks on your home, if you want a halfway decent color match. This is especially important if you ever have a desire to sell the home. Mismatched brick is a sure sign of an amateur and will take away from the value of your property.stainbefore1Right now we find more use for our masonry stain technique with smaller brick repairs, tuck pointing or patching than with larger brick repair projects but that will change as the demand for an attractive repair appearance continues to increase.

We make use of many different types of masonry stain applications in order to achieve that seamless look that Olde World Masons and Handy Home pro are famous for. All of our staining products are proprietary and work well with most types of bricks though there stainafter1are a few that don’t respond well to the technique.

If you have unsightly mortar smears from poor workmanship or poorly executed brick installations and need someone to ‘tone down’ the overwhelming appearance please contact our office. There not much we can’t match in terms of texture and color and always love the challenge a masonry stain project presents. Call us!