Old concrete porches

You can repair that old concrete porch and make it look new again if you have an old concrete porch that’s showing signs of deterioration. Many of these old concrete porches are beginning to fall apart!porches1.pngHere’s what to look for: spalling (pieces of the concrete surface flaking away), chips, cracks and surface porches2.pngdeteriorate. If this is happening to your porch then you need to have your porch repaired and protected!

If the concrete is to old then, well, you’ll have to replace it. But usually we can update the surface of your concrete porch with a little cleaning, resurfacing and concrete staining. It won’t make it look new but it will look a whole lot better than what you have now!

More importantly you will be protecting the surface of your concrete porch for added beauty and durability.


porches3.pngWe can extend the life of your porch with our patching system.
Even though a patch is always a patch… it’s a lot cheaper than replacement. We clean the surface of the porch with harsh detergents to remove loose material and etch the concrete surface to give it some grip.

Then we strategically fill in the low areas with a hard setting filler cement and then apply a resurfacing cement over the spalled areas to help smooth out the surface and shed the rain water.

We apply 2 coats of concrete stain… available in colors.
After the patching material has cured we then apply two coats of a concrete sealer which goes on like a paint. The sealer is available in a choice of colors and helps close the pores of the concrete and protect the patch and repair from water infiltration.
We usually recommend that the sealer be applied once every 3 years to keep the surface tightly closed to moisture infiltration.
Porch patching or porch replacement can be done by Handy Home Pro!
Just remember, anything can be repaired!porches5.png It’s really just a matter of how long you want it to last for. If you are looking for your porch to be trouble free for the next 20 years then we strongly recommend that you bite the bullet and replace it.

If on the other hand you don’t mind spending a little money every couple of years porches4.pngto maintain your porch surface then by all means get it patched!

Contact Handy Home Pro for all of your concrete porch repair needs.

You’ll be happy of the 50% saving you can get by having your porch patched and stained!