Stucco Coating & Repair

What exactly is stucco?

Stucco is a cement and sand based mixture that can be used as a siding material on homes or businesses or as a decorative or waterproofing material for covering masonry walls.

When buildings begin to age they start to experience many different forms of deterioration mostly from water infiltration.  Sometimes the cost of repairs can be very expensive.
As an alternative a stucco application is used to help fill in obvious damaged area which provides support for the wall and also acts as a smooth surface for water to run down and away from.It can also be used where bricks have began to flake or ‘spall’…



Stucco can be used as an as an intermediate repair application that will protect the surface of the old or deterioratedmikeapplystucco.jpg masonry from water entry.  It can also be used in highly stylized and decorative applications where dramatic texture is desired with a southwestern or English Tudor feel.  Stucco can be used in so many different ways that it is truly a very versatile product.

The life of an old chimney can be extended with stucco…

Old chimneys are a real problem but with an application of a stucco coating you can extend the life of your chimney by closing off damaged brick and chimhalfstuuco.jpgmortar joints and providing a smooth surface for water run off.
It isn’t always the prettiest to look at but if your chimney is not a architectural focal point then stucco can be a practical alternative to rebuilding.
How is the stucco coating applied?

For the simplest applications, a stucco cement is mixed with water and a bonding agent which is added to assure the best possible bond of the new stucco to the old masonry surface.
The installer will dampen the chimstucco2ndcoat.jpgmasonry wall in the area of application before he begins to apply the stucco coating.  This is to keep the stucco from flash drying which can  weaken the bond of the stucco to the masonry.
Then the installer will begin to apply a ‘scratch coat’ of stucco to the masonry surface, filling in all voids and cracks as he begins to level out any inconsistencies with in the wall.  The scratch coat is then left to dry overnight.
Then the second stucco coat is applied

Now the 2nd and final coating is applied.  This will provide the final texture to the wall and decorative look to the overall application.
For a chimney stucco application it is recommended that the stucco be painted and the top of the chimney crown sealed.  If water gets intochimstuccofinal.jpg the chimney system then the stucco could end up failing.
Stucco is an excellent way to create unique decorative applications or hide problematic masonry areas on your home or squarestuccoporch.jpgbusiness.  Be sure to think of stucco if the cost of reconstruction is simply beyond your budget and contact Handy Home Pro for all your stucco repairs.
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