Ugly Masonry Stains Removed



Sometimes ugly masonry stains can be a challenge to blend in. We just finished a job for a customer and they were so pleased that they ask if we could fix the eyesore in the masonry above their garage door.

There had been an old basketball hoop installed above the garage doors which is a typical situation.  The old hoop had been taken down but the anchors still remained in the masonry with unsightly holes and epoxy. This made the garage portion of the home stick out like a sore thumb.

The damage to the brick masonry really was an eye sore! It was the main focal wall of the home and as you pulled into the driveway and there it was staring you in the face.

We told them we would see what we could do because you never know how the stain will take to masonry materials and we made no guarantees it would work as well as the repair we had just completed.

stain4It turned out looking pretty good and the customer was very happy.

Now when you pull up the driveway you see a uniform and attractive brick masonry wall with no ugly stains on them!