Masonry Cleaning – Balustrade Repair

Masonry Cleaning Removes Mold and Algae

There are times when masonry cleaning is desirable to remove stains, molds, algae, etc. to protect brick and stone from damage. This stone balustrade and brick porch structure was experiencing a heavy amount of mold build up.  Since this building was fairly new and there was little damage, we proposed a masonry cleaning of the mold from the stone and brick on this property followed by the application of a sealer to the brick and stone to slow moisture infiltration into the system.

A general masonry cleaning will remove most if not all of the surface stains. Deeper penetrating stains may require a special restoration cleaner which gets more into historic preservation and is not recommended for these types of projects due to cost.

The rear terrace on this property had a concrete porch surface above a beautiful portico below. The structure was built very well though there were a few design issues that allowed moisture to penetrate the concrete and leach out into the brick wall beneath the upper porch terrace. As the moisture evaporated it left mineral salts from the concrete which would require a heavier restoration cleaner to remove.

The masonry cleaning did an excellent job of removing the heavy mold that was present throughout the walls and brighten up the stone and brick to an almost new appearance. This was followed by an application of sealer to the brick and stone and was further protected from water infiltration. As with all masonry cleaning and sealers it is always about ‘degrees’ (how much stain can affordably be removed and how deep the sealer will penetrate the structure) and each situation and each project will have differing results.

Estimated Repair Cost – $1500 – $2000. Contact Us

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