Masonry Crack Repair – Foundation Movement

Masonry Crack Repair From Foundation Movement

This Cincinnati masonry crack repair project was a little unique and occurred at the height of the foreclosure epidemic that flooded American cities.  This home had many, many cracks that needed to be repaired in order to sell the home. It was necessary to perform an extensive masonry crack repair on this project in order to make the walls attractive and more importantly, to keep out vermin. Believe me, vermin will find a way into any little crack or crevice in mortar, stone, concrete or bricks so it makes good sense to have these repaired.

This home was empty for quite some time as was evident by the overgrowth in the yard. The contractor we performed the work for worked for the bank who had taken possession of the property, so our opnions fell on deaf ears.

Anyway we performed the masonry crack repair on close to 30 or 40 cracks on this particular project. I sometimes feel like a property such as this will be dumped onto the market after repairs and some unsuspecting buyer will purchase the property without doing a good check on the properties history. Caveat Emptor folks!

Usually when we find a situation where there are so many cracks in a building we strongly recommend to the client that they contact a structural engineer to assess the situation. We can fix the cracks as they are but if the movement continues then the cracks are likely to reopen. It’s really just a matter of what you are after.

After the structural issue has been resolved contact us. We can come in and perform a masonry crack repair that will restore your masonry back to its original beauty and charm.  Estimated Repair Cost – $2500 – $3000  for this project. Contact Us

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