Masonry Crack Repair

Masonry Repair Keeps Out Vermin & Snakes

Masonry crack  repairs have increased quite a bit over the last few years  do to odd weather over the past several years. Many homes & businesses have been experiencing some shifting in the masonry wrap on their homes and buildings.  We see this all the time and yes we can perform a masonry crack repair for these separations and blend them in so that they are seamless but… if the building continues to move it is likely that at some time in the future the damage will reappear.

No amount of professional and diligent masonry crack repair  is going to stop a 50 – 100 ton building from moving. Since the building is releasing the stresses at these very points of concern.

The reason for the masonry damage are almost always a footing issue or thermal expansive movement. As the building moves due to subterranean shifting  then the area of stress release is likely to remain the same.  Then if the underlying problem is resolved then the building will stabilize and nothing will move.

Now our masonry crack repair will hold up a long, long time if the original reason for the movement had been resolved.  If not then the masonry crack may reappear. No one can determine or have any idea if and when this could occur. So keep this in mind when you are having masonry cracks repaired.

A masonry crack repair of damaged areas in the structure will close off the openings keeping vermin, snakes and spiders at bay.   We usually recommend having the cracks repaired for this reason.  If they open again then it may be time to consult a structural engineer as to what the causes are and what remedies they recommend for solve the problem of the buildings movement. Contact Us