Chimney Repair – Damage From Freeze – Thaw

Chimney Damage From Excessive Water

When excessive moisture enters a masonry smokestack it will be the cause of an expensive chimney repair. Take a look at your masonry after a rain storm. If you see saturation as is evident in this photograph then you already have some problems that should have a chimney repair done.

All brick or stone will be saturated after a long and heavy rain storm. What you want to look for is saturated brick or stone after light rain showers such as most of us experience on an on day to day basis,  say 2 – 4 hours. Not a 2 day rain.

These situations are common because most people are too busy to notice the subtle changes as they occur after a light rain but if you pay attention, they can be a good sign.  This stack damage will require an extensive chimney repair due to the amount of moisture and the resulting deterioration the freeze-thaw cycle has caused this structure. This wasn’t a client but how could you not notice this if it was on your home?

When you first look at this picture it looks like there are two different paint colors on the house. However the house brick is actually a natural bright white color. The gray color portion from the middle of the chimney up is… water and mold. It won’t be long now and this damage will have to have a chimney repair.

If you are thinking of purchasing a home and the chimney looks something like the one in the photo you’d better drop your offer price. The longer this deterioration goes on the more water will migrate into the masonry and then eventually into the roofing and framing inviting termites, carpenter ants, snakes and spiders into the home. Please get a chimney repair before this happens to you.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Fix it before it cost you $5k – $7k. Contact Us