Masonry Repair – Deteriorating Brick Wall

Masonry repair is one the best preventative maintenance dollars that you can spend on your home or building. Why? Simply that it cost a lot less to perform a masonry repair to protect a brick, block or stone wall than it does to completely rebuild one.  This picture shows what happens when a downspout leak is left go. During rain storms water keeps pouring onto the brick wall saturating the bricks.

During the winter the water that has accumulated within the wall system freezes inside the masonry causing the brick faces to pop off or spall. By this point there is nothing left that to do except to perform a masonry repair. You can do either a Fill & Stain patch or perform a masonry repair by replacing the damaged wall section saturated by the summer rains. An expensive proposition.

When bricks begin to flake and spall, which opens the pores of the clay brick body to even greater volumes of water infiltration. This additional moisture begins to spread throughout the masonry by wicking action which spreads the damage further and further through the wall system.  Then a small masonry repair will not solve the problem. It will be necessary to perform a complete masonry repair rebuild at no small cost.

In addition to periodic inspections and repairs it is also a good idea to  seal your bricks, another form of masonry repair that protects the bricks  BEFORE they reach this state of damage and disrepair.  The sealer has a way of coasting the pores of the bricks with an angular chemical that literally repels water droplets and wind driven rain water from the surface of the masonry. That’s quite a benefit.  A little invested in preventative maintenance  will save you a lot of hard earned cash down the road. That’s something to think about. Contact Us