This Brick Stain Solved a Brick Repair Problem

Brick Stain of Unsightly Areas Blend Colors

It is not uncommon during a brick repair, masonry repair or a remodel to find situations where portions of previously covered masonry have been uncovered and exposed. These areas almost always have some sort of stains.  These newly exposed bricks can have stains from cements, mortars, stucco, glue, soot etc. Even if they do not have some sort of soiling they likely have a differing hue because they were hidden behind or covered by another building material for years.

Since these areas are noticeable  and can be very unsightly for the final appearance they need to be stained to blend in with the surrounding masonry as close as possible. This is not always an easy task but successful in most situations. A properly executed brick stain hides the unsightly discolorations that occur in previously covered masonry.

Staining works well with bricks of earth tone colors and can make a brick repair appear seamless. However there is a caveat; like all artistic endeavors, this technique fools the eye into not seeing what is there and conversely, seeing what is not there!

Brick stain is also an effective technique for hiding unsightly areas without the expensive cost of brick repair replacement or rebuilding.  In addition staining is used frequently to color tone stucco, stones, concrete and other cement products that have become unappealing over the years.

Whether you are a builder, business owner or a homeowner you can cover those unsightly brick repair blemishes with a quality application of brick stain from Handy Home Pro. This brick stain project in the following gallery is one which we were called to correct. The results for this project were spectacular due to the transition location and the base color of the existing masonry. Have a look and see!

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