Garage Lintel Replacement 1

Garage lintel replacement is becoming more frequent as homes and buildings age. The steel used to support brick or stone work above doors and openings … [Read more...]

Support Column Installation

It sometimes amazes me what people will do on the inside of their homes especially when it comes to support columns. Now I understand that not … [Read more...]

Window Lintel Replacement

Window lintel replacement request are growing because building and homes are getting older and need ongoing maintenance to keep the building in shape. … [Read more...]

Truss Repair Due to Shrinkage

A call for a truss repair isn't the usual type of call that I receive on any given business day. Though really quite unusual it is surprising that I … [Read more...]

Steel Lintel Replacement

A common masonry repair is steel lintel replacement. As a home ages the steel lintels (the support for the brick work above an opening) sometimes … [Read more...]

Masonry Repair Anchors – Walls That Are Moving

When the brick or stone walls on a building move you have no choice but to install masonry repair anchors to hold the wall back. It may be prudent to … [Read more...]

Stabilizing a Block Foundation

A strong foundation makes for a strong home but block foundations can shift, crack and bulge which can cause structural failure. Block foundations are … [Read more...]