Masonry Crack Repair – Protect Your Property

No one wants ugly crack repair stains on their house like this!

A masonry crack repair is a common repair application for homes and businesses but few masons seem interested nor proficient enough to perform a seamless masonry repair that blends in with the existing brick work flawlessly.

If you value your property you should consider having  your masonry crack repair performed by Handy Home Pro. The photos in this gallery show a masonry crack repair performed by Handy Home Pro after a competitor was unable to provide a seamless appearance.

Since almost every brick or stone building has a few cracks in the bricks or stone around the buildings perimeter, a good masonry crack repair just makes good economic sense for the home or building owner.

Not only does a masonry crack repair keep water from entering into the building which can cause further  damage to the home but a well executed repair will be seamless. It will be  obvious that it was done by a professional because you won’t be able to see where the original crack was! This will keep the value of the property up and  provide  the building or home owner with years of worry free service.

What is the key to performing a successful masonry crack repair? Patience and a good eye for colors. Since crack repairs are designed to keep water out and to minimize the visual appearance of unsightly cracks they will not solve issues with building movement. Make sure your home or business structure has settled before engaging a contractor to perform a masonry crack repair. Otherwise you may find the crack re-opens from additional building movement either do to settlement or seasonal  movement.

Please look at the attached photo gallery. This gallery provides more detail of a masonry crack wall repair undertaken by our Handy Home Pro. If you wish to find out more about brick or crack repairs contact us  here.