Decorative Stucco Overlay for Column Stucco Repair

Column Ready for Decorative Stucco Overlay

When we find a problem with loose stucco on an existing structure the substrate is usually in good condition.  This allows the application of either a typical repair stucco or a decorative stucco overlay repair application. This will  solve the damage problem and can provide a beautiful and updated finish to an older structure.

Replacement may sometimes be necessary but not always needed to solve a problem. This commercial office building had deteriorating structural columns on the rear of their building. The original stucco had delaminated severely and had to be removed and replaced. Instead of opting for the traditional flat stucco look of the original columns these building owners decided to dress the columns with a decorative stucco overlay repair surface texture for block and stone which matched their existing building theme.

The finish for this procedure is available in both natural cement grey or can be stained to a natural stone appearance or painted to match an existing color scheme. The beauty of the stucco overlay repair is it allows for a wide selection of different textures that can be applied to the new stucco surface material such as brick, block, field stone, cut stone, etc.

This application can not only be used with any frame or masonry substrate but can be applied to decorate an older style of fireplace face or older masonry wall that is in need of updating.  The application variables are truly endless so contact Handy Home Pro for more information.

For this particular project we were able to remove the existing damaged surface material and provide a  decorative stucco overlay repair finish that matched their building colors and look attractive. This is a reasonable, attractive and less expensive way to handle a stucco replacement.   Estimated project cost $800 – $1000 per column. Contact Us


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