Chimney Repair What a Mess

People do not usually hire someone to perform a chimney repair because they really want to. They hire someone to perform a chimney repair because of they understand that incredible damage and an additional huge cost can be incurred that a lack of action could cause. Case in point is the condition of the chimney in the photos.

Not only does this masonry structure have severe water infiltration issues (likely do to a badly damaged chimney crown)  but if left unchecked much longer, could double or triple the actual cost of a chimney repair that was implemented in a more timely manner.  The amount of algae and mold on the brick work in these photos means that this homeowner had ‘intentionally’ refused to deal with the water issues his house is having. They must have seen this build up for a while.

Not only will the damage be severe in the masonry requiring an extensive and costly chimney repair but the water WILL migrate into the home. The framing will begin to rot exposing openings for vermin to enter the home and termites to take hold. This is no laughing manner.

Lack of maintenance is the biggest reason most chimneys end up with problems like this one. The moss algae on the brick masonry has taken years to reach this thickness nurtured by moisture entering into the masonry matrix. If the homeowner had used a little due diligence by annually inspecting his chimney and doing necessary repairs, he would have averted an expensive and disruptive rebuilding of this chimney.

Moss, algae and mold are sure signs of excessive moisture that is building up within a masonry system. Please make sure that you avoid an expensive chimney repair. Preventing moisture from entering into your masonry shell by annual inspections and timely repairs. Contact Us