Concrete Porch Repair

A concrete porch repair is the preferred advice for old homes that have a concrete porch that’s maybe 50+ years old.  It’s not unusual to have these old concrete porches show sign of decay even when they may be covered by a good porch roof.

Some of the most difficult problems encountered by contractors are associated with concrete porches that have a basement beneath them.  Settlement, poor maintenance and neglect can often lead to serious issues with these porches and a thoughtful examination and concrete porch repair is a must.

Usually the best answer to leaking issues with these porches is to replace them entirely. This is a very expensive proposition and is easier said than done. Many of these porches are structural and sometimes cover basement living spaces beneath them. Replacement is ussually out of the financial reach for most homeowners due to the high cost.

So what is the solution?

The next best suggestion is to perform a concrete porch repair an re-surfacing. This will help shed excess water from the front porch area, slows leakage and hopefully stalls the deterioration process in its’ tracks. The most important thing you can do is to have a concrete porch repair done to extend the useful life of the porch.

How is this done?

Fortunately today, a concrete porch repair can use  high performance materials with chemicals that form a crystalline structure filling the pores of the old concrete. The chemicals also harden the concrete surface so it is less permeable to rain water soaking in and saturating the concrete which causes leaks. It isn’t full proof because many of these old concrete porches have severly damaged concrete. But in these cases anything is better than nothing and  could buy  a homeowner some time.

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