Garage Lintel Replacement 1

IMG_0003Garage lintel replacement is becoming more frequent as homes and buildings age. The steel used to support brick or stone work above doors and openings is called a lintel. After years of water infiltration and weathering the steel of the garage lintel begins to corrode and fail requiring a garage lintel replacement. Garage lintel replacement can be quite involved depending of the severity of the damage, the type of building structure above the garage lintel and the back-up (material behind the bricks) materials.

If you are planning on purchasing a used home it would be a great idea to have the garage lintels on your prospective property looked at before you make the purchase. Garage lintel replacement can become quite cost especially with older solid masonry buildings that require substantial shoring to hold up the structure during garage lintel replacement. If you look closely at the gallery below you will see the process we use to implement a suitable garage lintel replacement project.

If you have a damaged garage lintel do not expect it to get better. The pressure on the steel from the load above it will continued to press downward causing more and more damage to the masonry above the garage door and next to the garage door opening. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation on how to have your damage garage lintel replaced.