Brick Step Repair

DIGITAL CAMERABrick step repair is a common inquiry we receive at our office. Brick steps always experience deterioration over a period of time especially in the climate in this part of the country. If the bricks on the steps are delaminating from the substrate then the bricks have to be taken up and re-set into position with fresh mortar provided the substrate is in good condition.

From a safety perspective brick steps that are deteriorating can cause a trip hazard for guest who come to visit your home and may create a cancellation of your insurance policy should someone get hurt by tripping or falling on the brick steps.

DIGITAL CAMERAUsually the bricks on the steps are salvageable and can be used again but some brick steps will need brick replacement as well. This can only be determined by a visual inspection of the brick steps to assess the degree of damage to the bricks.DIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERA

One of the key factors for a brick step repair is to use a quality bonding agent in the mortar. This allows the mortar to bond as well as possible to an often deteriorating substrate. We always take great pains in our service to distress the newness of the repair so it blends in with the existing masonry as good as can be expected considering that it is a repair.

DIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERAYou should never use salt to melt ice from brick steps as this will cause deterioration to occur rapidly. In addition a sealer should be applied to the steps every few years to help minimize the volume of water that is likely to leach into the mortar joints and freezing during the harsh winter months. If you need some brick steps repaired or replaced make sure to give our office a call here.