Support Column Installation

IMG_0075It sometimes amazes me what people will do on the inside of their homes especially when it comes to support columns. Now I understand that not everyone has the understanding of the functions that support columns offer but jeesh… would you think you would ask?

This particular customer drilled some huge holes through the floor joist of his home and basically undermined the ability of the joist to support the floor load above. The floor joists didn’t require a support column before he began his project but the support column was needed afterward!

For those who don’t know a support column is a vertical member that ‘supports’ a load above it. There are all different size and shapes of columns depending on the structure the the load to be carried. Some support columns are IMG_0004IMG_0005IMG_0010so strategic that to undermine that can mean a partial collapse of a building. So tampering with support columns can be a tricky endeavor and some foresight needs to be implemented to assure a sound repair.

This project required a support column be placed beneath theIMG_0008 damaged floor joist to remove some of the loading and placing the load on more columns. It worked just fine but now this owner has a column right in the middle of the basement area obstructing egress and making a finish project more challenging.

IMG_0011If you ever decide to remove a support column, cut through floor joist or trusses please seek professional advice. You may not wish to be the victim of a partial building collapse that a simple column could have prevented. For more information or repair or installations of support columns free free to contact us here.