Chimney Shoulder Repair

Chimney Shoulder Repair is Require to Protect The Bricks

The chimney shoulder is an area on any stack that should not be neglected. Since this section of the chimney begins to narrow as the masonry gets higher there is a reduced angle which creates ledges that keep rain water from draining easily away from the brick or stone.  In the distant past a piece of limestone or pre-cast was used to terminate this area to allow for ample water run off.

In the recent past the bricks or stones were stepped in until the desired width of the chimney was reached (such as in the picture) and no other waterproofing was techniques were used to protect this area of the chimney. As a result you have the situation shown in this picture. When you stand back from the chimney you can tell this portion of the masonry is quite a bit darker than the rest.  As you get closer you can see the reason why.

Moss and algae have taken hold where excessive water is entering this area of the shoulder likely caused by wind driven rains into this corner of the wall. The mold has darkened the once brighter used bricks. The best way to perform a shoulder repair is to install either a piece of pre-cast concrete or cut stone. Or apply a wash to at least help deflect the water from this area. Before any shoulder repair is implemented a thorough cleaning of the area is likely needed depending on the repair work being done.

Stone and pre-cast shoulder application would be a better and more permanent solution and hence, would be more expensive.  A wash

Algae and Mold Build Up

would be less desirable and less durable but would be an economic way of deflecting water.  If nothing is done then you can expect at some point in the future to have to perform a shoulder rebuild or possibly rebuild the entire chimney. The choice is yours. Contact Us.