Masonry Repair – A Leaking Brick Wall

Older brick walls can leak into your home.Performing a masonry repair of a leaking brick wall requires patience,  attention to detail and usually entails a step by step process. Most water entry  associated with leaking brick walls in the Cincinnati area, manifest with blistered plaster or mold appearing on the walls,  inside of the  home around windows or corners of the home facing the prevailing winds.

A plaster interior on a home would mean an older home built prior to the mid to late 50’s. This information provided herein and repair recommended is geared towards a masonry repair of a leaking brick wall problems in older homes. If you have a leak in a newer ‘brick veneer’ home click here for more information.

Older homes are built with 2-3 rows of brick laid side by side for the wall thickness and then surfaced with a plastered on the interior portion of the wall.   This has been a proven construction technique for centuries, withstanding the test of time.; though now does not meet code in many localities due to the R factor requirement for exterior walls of homes.

The beauty of this type of construction is the breath-ability of the walls. Moisture constantly maintains an equilibrium with this type of structure because of the free flow and exchange of air molecules which balances the moisture within the masonry structure. A masonry repair of a leaking brick wall in normally found on homes where the prevailing winds and rains have begun to deteriorate the exterior wall joints on west and south-western exposures.  This results in holes and ledges where driven rains can find a way to leak into the structure causing problems on the interior.

Check out our photo gallery below for information on how we recent masonry repair of  a leaking brick wall on a customers home. Contact Us for more information.

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