Stucco Repair Replacement Stops Water Infiltration

Stucco Repair Replacement Stops Water Entry

Many older buildings and homes throughout America have a stucco exterior finish applied over a framed or masonry structure.  Stucco has been around for thousands of years and has been an effective and beautiful building exterior finish material that is attractive and durable.

Though it is both beautiful and durable it does require periodic maintenance to prevent water infiltration into the structure which can cause costly and serious damage to a homes interior.  Damage that can allow rodent infestation, rotting that attracts termites through openings in the damage areas. As the building ages a stucco repair maintenance program should be instituted to maintain the exterior stucco in good condition.

Sometimes the original framing lumber has shrunk allowing the stucco to delaminate around windows or doors. Cracks occur throughout the wall system which require a repair application. Sometimes the foundations have moved or settled which can lead to cracks and bulging in the exteriors surface which will allow water to enter into the building.

The type of stucco repair undertaken  is usually determined by the type of structure that the material is bonded to. This requires the knowledgeable eye of a trade professional to determine the proper approach for undertaking a durable and permanent repair.

Regardless, a stucco repair generally deals with portions of stucco that have expanded or contracted to where the stucco ‘bowed’ out, cracked or delaminated from the buildings structure.  These sections of delaminated stucco can be replace or repaired with an application of a stucco repair product. These products usually requiring the use  of  anchors to hold the stucco to the existing building structure preventing further movement in the damaged areas.  Estimated cost for this repair – $1295.00  Contact Us

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