Loose Brick Step Repair Causes Hazardous Threshold

Proper Brick Step Repair Lessons Tripping Hazard

Steps can be hazardous but it’s never easy to perform a brick step repair in a high traffic area such as occurred at this businesses front door entrance. Unlike other types of work, masonry takes some time to cure and harden before it is useable particularly in a paving situation.

This client tried several times to ‘tighten up’ the loose masonry beneath the threshold of their front door but had not luck. They tried replacement, they tried caulking which just gummed up the masonry and made it look unprofessional. The constant usage loosen the masonry before it had a chance to cure properly.

They finally contacted Handy Home Pro to solve their brick step problem. The secret to this repair was three fold: making sure the repair area was packed solid, using the proper materials and allowing enough cure time for the masonry to solidify. The bricks were in terrible condition when we started!

We had to remove all of the loose masonry, globs of old glue and caulking that had been haphazardly applied  to the cracked bricks and then properly clean the substrate to assure a good bond between the old material and the new repair. A high strength mortar was used to also increase the likelihood of success.

Once the masonry was installed, we applied our stains to the old and new masonry materials. A new brick step repair will always look like it has been repaired, without a dose of stain to lesson the brightness of the new masonry. Of course brick stain is also another service that we excess at as well. This was a small repair but the results came out very well. Estimated repair cost – $750.00  Contact Us


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