Stone Retaining Wall Repair

Stone retaining wall repair requires an amount of investigative work before a repair should be adopted and stone retaining wall repair undertaken. You the owner, must decide the primary reason for wishing to implement a stone retaining wall repair and must also understand the cost associated with a structural stabilization of a stone retaining wall.

This article will give some incite as to application and pricing so you can determine if a structural stone retaining wall repair is right for your situation.

Lateral movement or leaning of a stone retaining wall can usually be addressed by a series of counter forts place behind the wall. This retaining wall repair will ‘hold back’ the wall from pitching forward any additional amount and will stabilize it. Buttressing can be used as well. Buttresses are placed on the front portion of the wall spaced as needed and actually ‘retain’ the wall from additional movement.

There are others applications as well and each can be used as the situation dictates. Which application to use can only be determined by an inspection of the wall. If preliminary rough pricing is wanted by the owner then pictures may well suffice to provide a ball park estimate.

Sinking of a wall may require piering. This application places supports columns beneath the wall, below grade and under the existing retaining wall footings to hold it in place.  Other failures should be addressed on a case by case basis. If you wall is failing due to lateral loads placed upon the wall then a structural retaining wall repair is likely necessary.

Please look at the attached photo gallery. This gallery provides more detail and pricing of a stone retaining wall repair undertaken by our company. If you wish to find out more about a stone retaining wall repair contact us, please click here.