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Jack & Kathie Lynch  Hyde Park, Ohio –  “…how pleased we are with the repair to the walkway.  Kyle did a magnificent job!… We are very happy with the results and proud to show the walkway to our neighbors.. should we need work in the future you will be the first to call!”

Jim Kinney  West Chester, Ohio – “…great job! Thanks!”

Steve Wall  Loveland, Ohio –“… great looking results! The repair to the brick using the ‘Fill & Stain’ method exceeded my expectations!… it’s almost impossible to tell where the damage was…I would not hesitate to use your service again.”

Carolyn Rafales Clifton, Ohio – “Just wanted to let you know you guys did an awesome job! We were very pleased…”

Henry Morgan Wyoming, Ohio – “Handy Home Pro has raised the bar… when the job requires courteous, meticulous attention to detail.  Michael repaired a crack… that was so neat and clean it looks like it was never there! Thanks to you Michael and Handy Home Pro!”

Michael Bechtel  Cincinnati, Ohio – “I was extremely satisfied with the job you and your crew did on my chimney. The time taken to do the job right by matching my chimney stucco texture was exactly what I was looking for and you solved  a problem I have lived with for 20 years! I would hire your company again and would recommend you to anyone who is looking for quality and integrity. I was also impressed that you rebated us some money for work that was need once you got into the repair!”

Yvette Smolinski  Anderson, Ohio – “Communication is very important and you surpassed my expectations! … Job was done and no upfront money required. You have my recommendation!”

Alberta & Robert Hahn – “Thanks for the wonderful job. Your company if First Class in every way!

Phillis Woodruff  Mt. Washington, Ohio – “Thank you, Thank you!… everyone was so nice to me… I am very satisfied and price was within my budget!”

Charles & Barb Vanover  Glendale, Ohio – “Very punctual and dependable… saved us a lot of money!… “

Ann Wuerdeman  Cheviot, Ohio – A car ran into the front of our garage and you were doing the insurance repair when we had to leave town for 10 days. I asked if you would be finished before we left and you said yes except that you wanted to come back and check on the staining of the bricks. Our home is over 45 years old and we knew we could not find the original bricks. We were surprised when we pulled into our driveway from our vacation and saw the repair you had done. Our home looked just like it did before the accident! Everything matched perfectly and you couldn’t tell where you had done the repair! Thanks!”

Richard Keller  Amberley Village, Ohio – “You did an excellent job… service was prompt, workmanship excellent… I would be happy to refer you to anyone that asks.”

Maureen Harkins  Mainville, Ohio – “Excellent job!”, Thanks!”

Sharon Kirkwood  Greenhills, Ohio – “If you don’t want to get burnt and don’t want to pay the cost for Angies’ List… then I suggest you give Handy Home Pro a try!” test3.jpg

Michael Shinkle   Aurora, Ind.  – When you know where the cracks in the bricks were and still can’t find them, well… that’s as good as it gets! I am not overstating how good of a job they did… I give them an A+!”

Pam Harbaugh  Sharonville, Ohio – “… you really did a great job! Even my Dad couldn’t tell that you did a patch instead of replacing the bricks…

Kathy Skau  Western Hills, Ohio – “…Price was unbeatable! … I would recommend this company highly!”

Gary Moffat  Hyde Park, Ohio – “… You did a fantastic job on my home!… You are extremely professional and delivered a top quality job!”

Dan Doyle  Sharonville, Ohio – “The entire process was professional… excellent work and good clean up… I would definitely call  again…”

Wehr, Dan  Sharonville, Ohio – “Work was done extremely well, arrived when they said they would and cleaned up site.”

Vollmer, Howie  Montgomery, Ohio – “Pleasant, very professional… listened to clients concerns… very good work ethic… would recommend them highly!”

Roma Desai  Wyoming, Ohio – ” Good job!”

Dean Doerman   Batavia, Ohio  – “Prompt – Honest work – Completed on time!”

Johm Locaputa  Western Hills, Ohio –  “The repairs you made to the damaged bricks caused by a falling tree is perfect! You cannot see where the damage was! You delivered as promised… Thank you!”

test1.jpgKatherine Gates   Mt. Washington, Ohio  – “Great job!!  Fast service and well done!”

Lisa Hedrick  Anderson, Ohio  –  “I swear I can’t find the area where the repairs was made! Unbelievable… you all are truly artist when it comes to repairing any kind of masonry or concrete… thanks for the excellent work!”

Cheryl Dunn  Mason, Ohio –  “I had a crack by my garage that was an eye sore… I hated it!  Michael came over from Handy Home Pro and fixed it like… it was never there… amazing!”

Paula Jackson  Batavia, Ohio – Five Star!… name and phone number on my fridge for future needs!”

Robert Kirk  Mainville, Ohio  – “Work done as promised with excellent craftsmanship!”

Rosy Thind  Hyde Park, Ohio  – “… the workmanship is excellent… I am a repeat client because of the relationship established with Mr. Olding.”

Sarah Wolf  Hamilton, Ohio –  “… Handy Home Pro is tops in my book! They were responsible and courteous… and my repairs were done perfectly!

Ann Combs  Montgomery, Ohio –  “The cracks on our front step ruined the appearance of our entrance… now that it’s done it looks like there never test2.jpgwas a crack and the cement blends perfectly. Thank You!”

Biruta & John Flynn  Maderia, Ohio – ” We had unsightly cracks and deterioration of the brickwork in front of our home. We were so delighted to find Handy Home Pro… not only did they resurface the bricks but they matched the color exactly to the color of the bricks on our home… for the quality of work we felt the price was very reasonable… and would not hesitate to recommend Handy Home pro to our friends…”

Janet Baker  Cincinnati, Ohio – ” I am very pleased with my front porch which was completed very promptly. Handy Home Pro… I highly recommend their work!”

C.C.  Loveland, Ohio – “Thanks for the fantastic job… I was amazed at how well the repair looked…I enjoy working with people who do excellent work… I’ll be passing your contact info on to friends… thanks again for a great job!”

Mary Patterson  College Hill, Ohio  – “I am very pleased with the job Handy Home Pro did for me!”

Mary Edris  Liberty Twp, Ohio – “The work you guys did was fantastic! I went looking for the repair area to show someone and it took a while to find it. You’re repair blended in totally... I would definitely call you again!”

test5.jpgBernadette Farley  Springfield Twp, Ohio – “I am extremely pleased with the service I received from Handy Home Pro… it looks beautiful!… very reasonably priced. I will definitely call them again!”

Carol Muller  West Chester, Ohio – “Thank you for the impeccable services! It was very Handy to find you… as I was new to the area.  The results? Pro-fessional!… highly recommended!…”

Don Reisinger  Reading, Ohio – “Very professional. We were pleased with the results.”

Uma Wirthin  Reading, Ohio –  “… prices were competitive… installer was friendly… work was done promptly… good!”