Masonry Repair – Replacing Damaged Bricks

Sometimes when I look at a masonry repair request from Cincinnati customer, I find the damage so severe that a rebuild would be the best approach. … [Read more...]

Masonry Repair Anchors – Walls That Are Moving

When the brick or stone walls on a building move you have no choice but to install masonry repair anchors to hold the wall back. It may be prudent to … [Read more...]

Brick Sealers Choosing Wisely

I have developed a healthy respect for the amount of damage sun and water can do to building materials over a short period of time.  Even the great … [Read more...]

Chimney Rebuilding

It’s an unfortunate fact but the reality is, bricks on chimneys do deteriorate and you don’t know it’s happening until it’s too late! That’s right. … [Read more...]

Masonry Cleaning – Mold & Grime

This area is one of the worst for mold and grime and given enough time you will find it growing on just about any piece of masonry ever constructed. … [Read more...]

Replacing Damaged Porch Columns

Is your porch sinking? Sometimes porches sink causing the columns and roof to sink as well which can lead to serious structural problems. This is a … [Read more...]

Brick Cracks Disappear!

You have brick cracks in the walls of your home... don’t you? You’re not sure what caused them or how to fix them. But you do know, that you have … [Read more...]