Masonry Cleaning – Mold & Grime

This area is one of the worst for mold and grime and given enough time you will find it growing on just about any piece of masonry ever constructed. Is it bad? Well, yes. Beside the inherent health risks it can pose to children (which we can’t address here) the damage, though not immediately obvious, can be severe. To much water in any masonry surface is just asking for trouble.

mold2.pngAnd it can invade brick, stone, concrete or block…


It seems that mold can and will find its’ way into just about any masonry structures at some point.
Once moisture enters the masonry, it creates a damp environment wherethose unwelcome mold spores have a chance to take hold and blossom…and boy does it ever!

We get rid of these nasty and dangerous allergens…
…by using the the latest masonry detergents and combine the penetratingaction of the detergents with the deep cleaning power of #3000 PSI coldwater pressure spray that forces the mold out of the surface pores,renewing the masonry surface!
We can help you deal with these nasty little mold spores!mold4.png

Solve your dingy masonry problems and bring that ugly, mold covered wall, patio, walkway or porch back to life
Get that new look that you deserve by having Handy Home Pro clean thesemolded masonry surfaces! No more ugly, dirty looking bricks or stone.Let Handy Home Pro give you masonry a fresh look in less than a day!
Of course we always recommend a sealer…
mold3.pngA sealer application is the final touch.
This product absorbs into thepores of the masonry and deposits slippery, angular particles. Theseparticles help to repel the round water molecules that try to penetrateinto your masonry. Repeat application every 4 – 10 years.

Though sealers are more effective on vertical surfaces they are a mustfor horizontal masonry such as walkways, patios and porches and driveways. Contact Handy Home Pro today to take advantage of these fine products and services!