Brick Sealers

Protecting your masonry today with a quality masonry sealer will save you thousands tomorrow in unwanted repairs particularly if you have a very porous masonry wall that sucks in water. Usually you can tell by the sign of damage exhibited on the wall such as missing mortar joints, pieces of bricks laying on the ground or the wall appearing as if it is wearing down.Protect your wallet from the cost of replacing damaged masonry

seal7.jpgThe application of a brick water repellent or a masonry sealer to any masonry structure can go a long way in protecting that seal5.jpgstructure from the ravages of mother nature.

Some people look upon sealers and an un-necessary expense until they get the bill for the cost of replacement of a chimney, retaining wall or house wall and then wish they had applied a sealer long before the damage began to manifest.

There are two application methods for installing a masonry sealer: the single flood coat application and the double flood coat application.

seal3.jpgIt stands to reason that if you apply two coats of sealer you will improve the water repellent ability of the brick by two fold. Though this isn’t quite the case you seal1.jpgwill dramatically improve the water resistance¬† of the wall with a two coat application.

The two coat application is not always twice the cost of the first flood coat application since the wall already has sealer inside of the pores of the bricks. It does vary from application to application but generally you may be looking at an increase of 25% to 40% more than the single flood coat application.

Check with your Handy Home Pro technician for more information. You should always consider a brick sealer or masonry sealer for the protection of your masonry walls and structures.