‘Fill & Stain’ chipped or broken bricks.

‘Fill & Stain’ is affordable and practical and  can be used instead of rebuilding to protect the damaged masonry by ‘filling & stain’ the damaged brick.
No one repair is ‘correct’ for any given situation. We always recommend the rebuilding of any damaged masonry structure if the budget allows. This is by far the the most effective way to assure a long term, attractive and durable repair.

However… we also offer solutions to fit our customers budgets and needs.

Each home or building owner has his or hers own set of wants, needs and budget. Some prefer a rebuild for a permanent solution to their problems while other budget minded consumers are looking for alternatives to fit their needs.


For these customers the ‘Fill & Stain’ technique may just be the answer to their problem.


The ‘Fiill and Stain technique of repairing damaged bricks can be a very effective way to slow the deterioration process while providing a repair that minimizes the unpleasant look of damaged or ‘spalling’ bricks.

This technique and the durability of this repair can be either short or long term depending on the severity of the damage. This is impossible to determine without expensive and destructive testing.

‘Fill & Stain’ is a great way to get an attractive repair at an affordable price!fillstain4.jpg


Contact your Handy Home Pro expert for assistance in guiding you to the type of repair that will best fit your budget and provide the most practical solution for your individual needs.

Keep this in mind. Once you need to build scaffolding or have other difficulties accessing the damaged brick locations, the cost of repair can go up dramitically depending on the individual site requirements.