Masonry Stone Repair

Are you looking for a masonry stone repair?
This is the first question I ask a customer before we discuss pricing out a masonry stone repair because the cost will be determined by the final appearance a customer is looking for. So when you ask this question, know that the answer will be determined by the location of the stone work and/or it’s purpose: whether it’s a retaining wall facing the woods or a prominent architectural piece on a building.
If you want to save money then just fill the holes…
Just "filling holes" will give your wall a blotchy look.

Just “filling holes” will give your wall a blotchy look.

The most economical masonry stone repair you can purchase is one that takes the least amount of time to complete and this is generally ‘filling holes’. Many old walls look like the picture on the right and as the name implies, are full of holes.

"Beaded Joint" still fresh and wet

Premium “Beaded Joint” still fresh and wet

In addition they have hair line cracks between the mortar, some missing or bulging stones as well as missing mortar.  To best protect the wall with the least amount of cost, we recommend masonry stone repair that fills in the noticeable holes and large cracks.


Premium “Beaded Joint” dry with final color

We do not pay to much attention to the smaller cracks nor worry about mortar color matching as this repair is all about economy.  This process is used on  older retaining walls that show signs of failure or columns and garden walls that are very old.


Hole in retaining wall

Sometimes a masonry stone repair wall may need to rebuilt partially or completely…

Some times the damage we find will require a partial or a complete rebuilding of the stone wall.  This happens due to settlement, vehicle accidents or age. As you can see by the pictures to the left, this repair requires attention to detail so that the re-construction will appear seamless to the original wall.
Achieving a seamless masonry stone repair will take patience and close attention to detail.  By setting the existing stone  in patterns to match the existing bonding pattern,color blending the repair area to match the existing wall colors  we can make the damage disappear.

Old stone retaining wall after cleaning

Old stone retaining wall after cleaning

After retaining wall rebuilding

After retaining wall rebuilding


Old stone retaining wall pointed with an economy "Flush Joint"

Old stone retaining wall pointed with an economy “Flush Joint”

All mortar joints will be finished to match the existing tooling pattern as well of the existing stone wall.  This masonry stone repair process takes more time and cost more but the results are spectacular!

Sometimes  artistic applications are called for to save an important  portion of a wall or to repair a piece of stone that is irreplaceable…


Situations occur in which portions of the stone work is damaged or missing due to neglect or damage.  By building out the damaged areas, sculpting the repair material to match and then stain to blend we can achieve magnificent results!

As with any artistic venture these masonry stone repairs take time and are not needed frequently but when the situation arises where the cost of replacement could be extreme we provide an invaluable service.

We recommend that these masonry stone repairs be planned and contracted during the winter and spring so that work can begin as the weather starts to warm. Contact us here.

After 'Fill and Stain' technique

After ‘Fill and Stain’ technique

Before "Fill and Stain" technique

Before “Fill and Stain” technique