Chimney Repair – Just Take That Old Chimney Down!

Sometimes a chimney repair isn’t a chimney repair… or is it? The truth is that sometimes it is more economical and prudent just to take an old stack down and terminate it just above the flashing instead of doing a full blown chimney repair.

This is particularly true where you have extreme heights to deal with or difficult staging problems that can make the cost of accessing the area expensive. By taking the old masonry down then you won’t have to deal with any chimney repair problems again because… it’s not there!

This is especially true on older, taller buildings that do not use the old stacks for appliance venting anymore. These tall masonry structures can be a real problem to access and expensive to work on because of their extreme height. Before putting in that new furnace that vents into your brick stack find out what the cost are for a repair first. You may find that the money saved from rebuilding or relining will buy you a vent free furnace or hot water heater.

Another point to consider is this; you will not likely find any brick to match the existing brick on your home as well. So you have to settle for a mis-match that can make you masonry looked a little odd and even amateurish. In addition if you save the old brick that is removed from your stack you will now have some bricks available for any repairs you may need around the home at a later dat. This is good advice and something to think about.

If you decide to use this procedure remember that you must make absolutely sure that there are no appliances being serviced by that chimney.  It is generally much cheaper to tear it down and cap it than to try a rebuild, tuck pointing or reline repair. Just a handy tip!! Contact us by clicking here.